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Haley Ranch is the family ranch of the Roger and Christina Haley family and the headquarters to the cattle operation run on the historic Rancho Casitas, a ranch that has been in the family since the early 1900’s. Haley Ranch lies ten miles northwest of the city of Ventura, CA on the east shores of Lake Casitas.

The ranch represents western ranch living and holds the spirit of people who, love horses, know cattle, require room to move about, and appreciate the rich heritage and good life of Old California.

The dedication today is to return the Corriente breed of cattle to the historic ranges. Roger’s great grandfather W. A. Hobson started with his brother A. L. Hobson running Corriente cattle from 1905-1916 for the purpose of meat, hides, and tallow. Grandfather, W. H. Hoffman Jr., lover of fine horses and cattle, ran hundreds of Corriente steers on the rich pastures for 39 yrs., (1916-1955).

Roger remembers the way they used to be and is focusing on excellent genetics to produce what he calls “The Real Deal”.

In bringing a restored sense of heritage, wagons played an important role in the operation of the ranch and Roger has revived this element of "ranch life," today, with the use of draft horses and mules in the day-to-day operation of the ranch and enjoys displaying the wagons in parades and special events to advertise the ranch and its long heritage.

Diversification has also led to the start of the Haley Ranch store. Roger is working with his brother Bob, of Bob's Custom Saddles, to sell custom-built versatility ranch, ranch roping, and pro-series roping saddles. The store also incudes other assorted cowboy gear, such as, authentic period cooking gear and cowboy fire pits.

“Haley Ranch,
rich in heritage.”
Vaqueros branding Corriente calves
Vaqueros branding Corriente calves at Rancho Casitas in 1908.
Brad Haley and Tucker Robinson roping calves
Brad Haley and Tucker Robinson doing what they love most.
Brad Haley and Tucker Robinson roping calves
Roger Haley performing in Paso Robles with 1860's Weber chuck-wagon.

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